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Help Jim in his Battle with CRPS

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Jim is a Special Forces Veteran who is 100% disabled from the service. He had to have bilateral knee replacement in January of 2019 due to injuries while serving. Prior to that, he was very active. Loved hiking, dancing and enjoying all things out in nature with his wife, Janna.

After his second knee replacement, he woke up with a burning sensation in both feet. The nurses and doctors shrugged it off and said it would go away. He spent all of 2019 doing every treatment he could find to help with his constant burning. Due to the severe pain, it also affected his sleep. He was getting around 2-3 hours a night of broken sleep and still working full time as a dermatologist. By December of 2019, his body had shut down more from lack of sleep and his continued severe pain. It was then that he had to quit his job due to memory loss, confusion and pain.

Since then, Jim won a scholarship to an Advanced Dr. Joe Dispenza week long healing retreat. This helped him tremendously while there to help separate some of the pain. His mobility improved a little from that. However, he has digressed back into his severe pain since then. His CRPS has now developed into myoclonus which is involuntary jerking movements that have moved up his entire body, including his face. This makes driving difficult as well and unsafe. This dis-ease has taken over his whole life. This has caused his immune system to decline as well and he’s not able to recover as quickly from overall weakness.

During this whole time, he and his wife, Janna run a non profit retreat center, Sacred Hearts Healing Center Jim works as much as he can helping to serve the community and veterans who show up for their monthly sweat lodges, full moon healing circles and much more all while trying to navigate his severe pain and lack of sleep.

Jim's goal is to begin the Neurologic Relief Program at the Spero Clinic in Fayetteville, Arkansas. The Spero Clinic is one of a kind and uses multiple, state-of-the-art therapies that work cohesively to restore and regulate the nervous system, enabling the body to heal from within.

Daily, he will be working with a team of amazing specialists who will design a treatment plan for his specific needs. This clinic is truly a miraculous place that has positively impacted so many people who struggle with neurological conditions. Being treated by the Spero Clinic means Jim will have an opportunity to get his life back!

Numerous expenses are of course part of this equation: housing, travel, food, therapeutic devices, and the cost of the program–none of which are covered by insurance. If you are able, will you please consider supporting him on this journey? Due to the huge financial cost, there’s just no way he can do it on our own. All donations are tax-deductible and 100% of your giving will be used to support Jim's expenses while there.

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